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Sankesh Jain
Sankesh Jain

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My First React App

Hello Everyone, this is my first post in the DEV community. I have recently started learning react for better front-end development. While learning I have created this app as a part of my learning.

The react based web app is using openweather API.
Please do let me know if there any ways to improve this app.

App link -


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Learn how to hide API key if you have not done that yet!

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Hey, there is no link to your application!

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Sankesh Jain Author

Updated in the main post.

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KAIDI • Edited on

So there are 3 things :

  1. when you make your api calls you expose your apid which is visible in the chrome dev tools network, you can pass it like an env var in your netlify app config.
  2. It would be good if you add a city autocomplete.
  3. it does the job so it's good.

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