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Dera Okeke
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First Dev Post

So, how exactly does this work?
I'm really not sure yet but I'd like to give this a go.

My name is Chidera, a self-taught webdev from Lagos, Nigeria. Passionate about accessibility(#a11y). I'm really just trying to learn the ropes of this software development thing, but no doubt in my mind its gonna be great. Hope to write a lot more of my thoughts on here and maybe even track my progress with beginner-perspective articles(more than open to corrections on that)

So far, so good. no regrets, we move lol.

PS: Already familiar with HTML, CSS, JS( vanilla and React path). What technologies would you recommend i try out? #a11y libraries, testing, SSG, etc. I'm open to new ideas

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Hi from California, US! I'm mostly a front-end developer, but I want to become full stack one day. I think you should check out React-Native! It's a way to make mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Since you already know React, it should be fairly simple to grasp.

Good luck on your developer journey!

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Dera Okeke

just seeing this. thanks so much for the input.
i already intend to btw. baby steps, y'know?