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Grant for the Web Sponsors 3 $1000 Hacker Noon Noonie Awards for Web Monetization

We are excited to partner with Hacker Noon to sponsor three Web Monetization based 2020 Noonie Awards. Public nominations are now open and end on Aug 12. Voting opens on Aug 13th.

The Noonies are the tech industry’s greenest awards. These awards - and the voting software powering this site - are presented by Hacker Noon. In last year’s inaugural Noonies, 55k+ votes were cast.

There are 200+ Noonies Titles up for grabs this year, across five major categories: technology decentralization , software development , future heroes, and back to the internet . The Hacker Noon team has chosen 2-10 nominees for each award, many of which come from the Hacker Noon community—and we'll be adding at least 5 more nominees for each award—based on YOUR nominations over the next few days.

All 2020 Noonie categories

For the award categories, we created there is a $1000 prize after public voting. We really (really!) need your nominations to fill this with amazing people! Here are the details of each category:

There has been such great ideas, projects, and discussions on this forum over the last year, we know you all can really fill these categories with great people! Nominating your self is completely appropriate!

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Lane Wagner

Thanks for doing this! I was nominated for the security category :) Feel free to shoot some love over if you've liked my posts!

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Fabio Manganiello

IoT contributor candidate here, feel free to pass by and drop a vote if you like my articles :)