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A list of free Udacity courses

Here's a list of free courses that I took in the past and currently taking that I think you should take to have a better grasp of web development. Most of these courses are introductory courses since they are free but nonetheless, having a good foundation can help you tremendously in your career so I highly recommend that you at least take one or two courses from this list.

1. Programming Languages

This is a beginner introductory course about theory and practices of programming languages.

2. Version Control with Git

If you want to learn git this is the course for you.

3. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

At the end of this course, you'll have all the tools needed to build a responsive website.

4. Responsive Images

This course is all about making your images responsive. I'd recommend that you take it after finishing Responsive Web Design Fundamentals.

5. HTML5 Canvas

Learn how to create images and interactive animation with HTML5 Canvas.

6. ES6

Everything you need to know about javascript ES6.

7. Web Accessibility

Your website should be accessible to everyone and in this course, they show you how you can do it.

8. Writing READMEs

Documentation is an important part of the development process and in this course, they teach you how you can write good READMEs.

9. Intro to Algorithms

If you want to get started with algorithms this course is for you.

10. Intro to Progressive Web Apps

Learn how you can build a PWA.

If you know of other free courses on Udacity share them in the comments!

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Cheyenne Lee Smith

These are great, thank you for posting!