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Interview Tips for Developers Part 2

This is the continuation of the blog INTERVIEW TIPS FOR DEVELOPERS PART 1, i would really advise anyone reading this now to kindly click the link above to have the full understanding of the message been passed across here.


> Interesting people are interesting

  • Showing interest in the goals and visions of the company through the questions being asked will surely make them find you more interesting.

*> Ask questions during interviews; *

  • Always come prepared with questions for the interviewer. If you are been asked, if you have a question and you reply in the negative this might make you look dumb.

  • Never ask any question pertaining to money or any self centered question (time-off etc).

  • Never ask obvious questions that can be easily answered from their website.

> The end of an interview

  • Always ask for the interviewer business card, if they don't have presently with them ask for their name or better still their email.

  • Always send a thank you letter to the mail of everyone who interviewed you. An advice.. never expect a reply so that you .

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