Front-end, Back-end, Fullstack?

Hi there!

I have been developing front end for about a year now, I have done somethings in a backend with Node.js but never experiment more than that. After 8 months of working with Less and Bootstrap, I realized that I don't really know how to use CSS, and I really love Javascript logic more than I like HTML and CSS, lately, I been reading a lot about python and I played with it a little bit, and it seems waaaaay more fun, should I change to develop back-end? Try to be full stack?

The big question is, how do you know which is your alignment in web development, what do you like more?

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JS lets me do a lot of things. When I want to achieve something which requires a certain skillset, I will acquire those skills and learn those languages in order to build the things I want.

not-a-tl;dr: When you're planning on learning a new skillset, think about what potential things you can achieve by learning it. The answer is hardly ever binary; no one language or technology will satisfy all your needs/wants. They're merely stepping stones for you to unlock potential that'll be used to further advance yourself and create dope thangs.

Here's a suggestion:

  • find some simple project you could do in a week; an RSS reader is my goto
  • pick a frontend + a backend technology you're reasonably comfortable with (React + Node.js might be a good fit for you)
  • build it and see which side you like more

Something else to consider is that even if you want to focus on backend, you still have some frontend experience. It won't suddenly disappear. Find opportunities to do both; it'll only make you more valuable.


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If you're only goal right now is to learn, then I would say If you like python learn to build things in python.

What things are you looking to build?
Maybe you don't need to be an expert on HTML and CSS.

Right now I am working as a front-end developer. I work with Angular, AngularJs, Ionic, Node.Js, etc. All thing related to Javascript, I like front-end in its logic, Js is a really cool language, but HTML and CSS is something I don't despite doing but is not my preference, doing logic is way more fun.

I've only worked in full stack and backend but I've enjoyed backend more personally. Working in the Java space on backend servers has been very interesting. Front end development was part of the full stack work I did when I first got a job in the field but it was very simple with just jQuery and some other small libraries. I will say that working on just backend projects has removed a good portion of front end thinking from my mind. I usually have to sit with a front end engineer to see how the API's I write are used. That's more of a me problem though.

But really, if you want to try out python then do it. I've used python for small scripts to run at work and in my own personal projects at home and I really enjoy it.

Take this from a MEAN Stack per your love towards JavaScript, if you turn to full stack you will find a whole lot of possibilities and you can also improve your skills on a whole new level.

Thanks pal! Yeah I have come to that realization lately

Do what you love. But also, keep up to date on full stack technology, because understanding front end will make you a better back end developer.

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