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Vue.js Project to help learn English with Youglish API and OwlBot Dictionary API.

Cihat Salik
CS Student at Firat University. Front-End Developer.
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Helpful content when memorizing English words

I tried to make a project that will help you learn English with Vue.js. It gives you to understand the most common 1000 words in English randomly according to the range you entered and with the examples used on Youtube with Youglish API. I hope it will be useful content when studying English, memorizing words.

My purpose of doing this project was when I realized that I had a hard time memorizing English words. I did this project to get a little more familiar with the words. I think hard work can be overcome with simple solutions. My english is not perfect at the moment, but I am working on it. I hope it becomes a little easier for me to learn English with this project. I did this project in English-Turkish. But you can do this project in your native language by forking.

I will share the source code url of the project. You can see how he does it from there. I used two APIs in the project. One of them is OWLBOT DICTIONARY API and the other is Youglish API. These APIs helped me a lot in the project.

The project is as follows;

  • There is the most common 1000-word json in English, and the key values in this json correspond to English-Turkish words.
    You can change the most commonly used 1000 words in your language to JSON by forking the repo.
    Alt Text

  • In the project, there are two input ranges from 0 to 1000, the user selects the desired value in these ranges and comes across the user randomly in the desired range.
    Alt Text

  • It sends the APIs we use with this word, bringing the meaning of the word, an example sentence, the place where it is used in these APIs.
    Alt TextAlt Text

Project Live
Source Code

  • Project Gif dictionary

Discussion (3)

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Nancy Jain

The youtube video should not get started on reload, it should start only hen the user clicks on the play button

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Cihat Salik Author

First of all, thank you for your comment. I agree with you in terms of user experience. In fact, I think I would be better if switching between videos. I will review this again.

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Cihat Salik Author

I need your comments, your views to improve myself and my projects.✨