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Hi everyone! I graduated from an eight-week program that I just finished recently, where I learned HTML/CSS and launched my first website. It was an incredible learning experience and I'm so glad that I pulled through all of the beginner frustrations and designed something that I'm proud of.

UI/UX Design Portfolio Project


{% https://github.com/cinnachubo/Design-Portfolio %}

How I built it: I learned HTML/CSS online through free resources such as freecodecamp, Yandex Education Web Dev, and Youtube. I designed the site first on Figma and then developed it using Atom. I'm hosting it on GitHub Pages and I linked it to a custom domain. My full process, including my motivations for creating the site, is located on my website. :)

The eight weeks I spent designing & developing the website have been incredible, but also incredibly exhausting! My brain still has been thinking about things to fix on the website all day, and I can't wait until my time frees up again to revisit my site's code and hit "commit."

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Uncomment the liquid tag repository to {% github cinnachubo/Design-Portfolio %} 😁

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My first HTML/CSS Project — a personal portfolio!


Loved the minimalistic approach you used. One thing however, there's not enough padding left and right


Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep that in mind when I revisit it :)