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Run Node Scripts or Gulp/Grunt Tasks From Gradle

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I recently came across this Gradle plugin while getting started with Kotlin/JS. It will download Node as part of your build (so it doesn't even need to be installed on your CI server), let you run arbitrary Node scripts, and setup Gradle tasks that mirror your Gulp or Grunt tasks.

I haven't done much with it yet, but its potential for making one seamless build for full-stack Gradle projects is huge.

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Gradle plugin for integrating NodeJS in your build. πŸš€

Gradle Plugin for Node

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This plugin enabled you to use a lot of NodeJS-based technologies as part of your build without having NodeJS installed locally on your system. It integrates the following NodeJS-based system with Gradle:

It's actually 3 plugins in one:


Here's how you get started using this plugin. If you do not find what you are looking for, please add an issue to GitHub Issues.

Documentation for older releases

Here's the documentation for older releases of the plugin:

Building the Plugin

To build the plugin, just type the following command:

./gradlew clean build


Contributions are always…

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Damn, seems like a great project. I'm not in this universe right now, but stuff like this is awesome.

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