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Brian Clark 💡
Brian Clark 💡

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VS Code September 2019 Release Highlights Video

September 2019 VS Code Release

You can read through the release notes to find out more about them or watch this short video to see some of the highlights from it.

Features Highlighted

What's your favorite feature or improvement in this month's release? Share it below 👇

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arcticspacefox profile image

Great video man, love vscode ❤️ . I've noticed that your green screen edge is pretty 💥 so maybe checking out this video here helps. Great I will keep watching this series :P

senpl profile image
Michał Urbanek

I updated vscode still I have no clue how to use this column breakpoints. Maybe they require something that I have not turn on.

clarkio profile image
Brian Clark 💡

Hi Michal sorry to hear it’s not quite working for you. Did you try setting a breakpoint on a line first and then hover your mouse over the code on that line? Sometimes there aren’t logical points in the line of code to have column breakpoints too.