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Find Git Branching Point Between Branch

Sunday Snippet #20 find git branching point between branch

➜  pet git:(master) git --no-pager log --oneline -1
2422e70 (HEAD -> master, origin/master) update
➜  pet git:(master) git checkout -b testing
Switched to a new branch 'testing'
➜  pet git:(testing) git commit --allow-empty -sam "first"
[testing 8210c2d] first
➜  pet git:(testing) git commit --allow-empty -sam "second"
[testing feb9b4f] second
➜  pet git:(testing) git commit --allow-empty -sam "third"
[testing 7120047] third
➜  pet git:(testing) git --no-pager log --oneline -4
7120047 (HEAD -> testing) third
feb9b4f second
8210c2d first
2422e70 (origin/master, master) update
# how to get this branching point (2422e70) from `testing` branch?
# git rev-list --boundary branch1...branch2 | grep "^-" | cut -c2-
➜  pet git:(testing) git rev-list --boundary testing...master  | grep "^-" | cut -c2-
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