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Understanding Postman

At first, it can be challenging to understand how postman features work because the interface may appear something fascinating or complicated at first sight. However, it is a simple API tester, builder, and documentation tool. The sidebar is the ultimate controller of the tool.


This section acts as storage for folders and files. For example, creating a word document file and saving it in a folder in either downloads or document section. Similar to Collection a house for GET, POST, and other request files.

What Happens in Collections

It is where almost the significant work in postman takes place. You can run different collections in selected environments. This means you can get responses to the files.

What Next

Postman gets easy as you interact with it regularly. Regular testing of APIs will ensure familiarization with all the functionalities. There is nothing fancy or complex about it. View it as your first time interacting with visual studio, and the following week you're splitting the screen like a pro.

How did you learn to use postman?

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Faith Mueni Kilonzi

Great job!

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It is great to test calls to Web APIs, but works also with normal calls just like a browser would do (if you need to start with something as a beginner). I would try to learn by practicing with Web APIs and there also should be some on the web to practice with.

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Charles Ndavu

Great insights!!