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How to host node js for free with custom domain and (free) SSL

codarbind profile image ADEKOLA Abdwahab ・1 min read


Inability to host node js applications free of charge and use a custom domain with SSL enabled.

I have implemented this, and my site is running fine.


  1. Make your nodejs app to be an API with endpoints that you can call from somewhere else. This is your backend.

  2. Make your frontend call your nodejs backend.

  3. Host your backend on Heroku. You will get a secured (SSL enable) url like this: https://

  4. Host your frontend on Netlify. You will get a secured (SSL enabled) url like:

  5. Register your custom domain on on your app, this comes with SSL enabling as specified by Netlify DOCS:


So your app could now be accessed via:

Try this and let me know how it goes.

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