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What are the top 3 tools that help you get your work done?

As devs, we all have tools that help us get our day to day to work done. If you had to name your top 3 productivity tools, not counting code editors or terminals, what would you choose?

Mine would be:

  1. Notion - I'd love to write a post in the future showing my Notion setup. I'm such a fan! I love the customizability of this note taking app. It makes it easy for me to organize my notes in a way that makes sense to me and it's aesthetically pleasing. I use it both for work life and personal life.

  2. - I've started using this service recently and it has made such a difference. In an open office, it can sometimes be hard to sit down and focus in on the code with everything else going on around me. If I sit down with my noise cancelling headphones and, I'm usually able to get focused in 10-15 min.

  3. GoodReads - GoodReads helps keep me accountable and stay on track with my reading, both personal and professional. I can track and prioritize books I want to read, split them into different lists, and see what my friends and co-workers are reading. Reading is fundamental to learning and growing so I'm glad to have a tool that helps keep it top of mind for me.

I can't wait to hear what yours are!

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Adetunji Adegbite

Google keep -
Light and helps me easily get my notes.

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John McCabe

Noise-cancelling Headphones