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PDF Booklet: JavaScript coding challenges for beginners

If you are just learning JavaScript and you want to practice your new skills, then this PDF booklet with coding challenges (and solutions) may be helpful to you:


  • The challenges are designed to be solved only with basic JavaScript language constructs

  • Although intended for beginners, advanced users can have fun too

  • Try to solve at least 1 coding challenge per day

  • Any solution that you find is a good solution... we are not looking for the perfect solution

  • For convenience, when you work on these challenges, you can use an online coding playground, such as the one from

  • Share your solutions on Twitter with hashtag #codeguppy

  • Feel free to share this booklet with your friends and invite them to complete the coding challenges

If you like this kind of challenges please also check and follow @codeguppy on Twitter.

Have fun!

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Mohammad Javed

This looks fun, will take a look at this - thanks for sharing.