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Not sure if you have a specific language you're looking for, but does a fair amount of streaming, not sure about his ratios of front end vs backend, but still I think worth checking out.


I wanna get into this myself at some point, but I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing :P


I've done a few livestreams in the past, covering automated functional testing for the front-end, but haven't done anything recently. Curious to know what you look for in a live stream though... lots of interaction with audience? entertainment? or just wanting to watch someone figure code out?


In my case I would like to learn! Being it testing, deployment or some goodies of the language itself :)


Oh nice! Any links to them?

I look forward to livestreams with a interactions yeah, but most importantly see how people approach and figure out stuff too.


My YouTube channel is at:

I mix it up between live streams and pre-recording videos. Any and all feedback is welcome!


The coding train is really great. The host is funny and explain everything from scratch.
It's Javascript oriented, but he's looking into all kind of problems, algorithms and visualisations.


Not toooo long ago I started watching some of the livecoding sessions here: They were decent streams every day at 7 pm PST.
Streaming: Go/Golang, Ruby on Rails, Bash, JavaScript, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Vim.
He builds profitable businesses live on Twitch while working a full-time job.

P.S. It's me 🤗


We don't cover Backend yet but we're live streaming about React and React Native a lot!
Our YT channel is:


I don't know any but I'd be grateful to hear about your own recommendations!

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