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How to use git branches for the organized code base you always wanted

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In this video blog I’ll go over why we use git to manage our projects and why committing all your code to a master branch is absolute insanity and something you should never do. Instead, you should create feature branches- they allow you to create discrete chunks of code that you add to your staging branch one feature at a time until you have a version that you are ready to deploy to master.

You’ll see how this allows us to always have a production branch that is ready to go, a staging branch that has all the latest features but isn’t quite ready for prime time, and a feature branch that we can develop and break as much as we want without impacting anyone else.

Git Branches for Well Ordered Code- #1 Overview

Git Branches for Well Ordered Code- #2 Code Demo

Download the Git Cheatsheet

We made a step-by-step guide that explains how to use Github and GitKraken to setup your repository and use pull requests with and without a squash to merge your code. Check it out at Code Mochi.

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