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Jason C. McDonald
Jason C. McDonald

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What's Your Costume?

It's probably safe to say, we're all nerds here to some extent or another. So who better to appreciate how that nerdism works itself out in our Halloween costumes? There's just some jokes best appreciated by our colleages.

Here's mine...

How about you? Got pics?

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syntaxseed profile image
SyntaxSeed (Sherri W) • Edited

I went as Black Widow this year. Our family did a superheroes theme. Hubby was Superman & the kids were Hawkeye, Batman, & Ironman. So fun!

cecilelebleu profile image
Cécile Lebleu

No photos, sadly, but I'm a witch! I made the hat (hand sewn!) and modified a costume corset to go with it. I like sewing by hand and the results were really nice!!

ahferroin7 profile image
Austin S. Hemmelgarn

A mildly flustered IT specialist who's far too tired for Halloween festivities this year 😉

In all honestly, it's been a while since I did a costume for Halloween, I'm not much of a party person. I'm considering taking the time and effort though to dress up as Kisuke Urahara from Bleach (probably my single favorite character in the whole series) next year though, I've got the right build and won't need any makeup, just have to make the cane and geta (both should be easy) and find the hat and clothes (not quite as easy).

visualmov profile image

I was going to dress up as jesus, but went for generic arab man instead. Nice costume!

danilapetrova profile image
Danila Petrova

I had planned an awesome Mad Hatter Female version with the makeup and the works. Ended up feeling sick and did not get to execute it tho!

hzburki profile image
Haseeb Burki

A pissed off engineer who has to work this weekend. I've heard they are very dangerous

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

I've never dresses up as anything, but I've always thought that if I did Halloween or a con or something, I'd go as a moth breeder from Lexx.

scrabill profile image
Shannon Crabill • Edited

No pics, but I was a pumpkin. I had an orange sweatshirt I added a jack o latern face too.