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Weekly Challenge #3 - Music Visualizer

Hey everyone! For this week's programming challenge, I'll challenge you to create a music visualizer.

A music visualizer is a visual representation of a song as it's playing. It can pulse and change colors based on the rhythm, frequency, and tempo of the music. Creating a music visualizer is a great way to practice your skills with audio, graphics, and real-time programming.

The key is to continuously analyze the playing audio and use that to influence how the visuals change and animate. With some experimentation, you can create a really interesting synced music visualizer!

If you want to expand after finishing the basics, think about incorporating interactivity. You can allow the user to customize the visuals by selecting different color schemes, visual elements, or themes. The user can also directly manipulate the visuals by dragging, scaling, or rotating visual elements. Adding interactivity makes the music visualizer more engaging and fun to interact with!

Here's a great example from a user here on DEV:

As this Weekly Challenge series racks up in entries, don't feel like you have to stay stuck on the challenge of the week. Feel free to go back and try any of the others challenges we've suggested.

The DEV Team and I will be in the comments to moderate the challenges and provide our support!

Have fun and good luck!

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