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5 ultimate resources for git #1

Welcome my friend !

I will share with you some important resource that will improve your skill in git or teach you about git.

If you don't know git, it's very important for every developer to control it. At least know the basic !

Basic git πŸ“š

Check the basic command of git with this πŸ‘‡

If you want to learn git very fast with animation, I recommend you this πŸ‘‡

To be honest this is thanks to this that I learn git, if you need only one resource, take this !

Commands cheatlist πŸ•Ή

When you have the basic, you will need to learn a lot of command, be happy with this clean list of common & important git commands !

Available in a lot of language !

For people that use oh-my-zsh, you can easily use git command alias that can be very useful

For exemple you can use gcmsg instead of git commit -m.

Make good and correct git commit message 🎨

It's important to make correct git commit message, if you work in other dev, you should have some convention name, if it's not the case, i recommend you to read the article bellow and use convention name ASAP !

I hope you like this reading!

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Thanks !

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Matt Curcio

Really LIKE:

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nice !

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Thanks Jumbei !

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Thank for these resource !

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buen post

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