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Advance AI-Enabled Discord Bot in Pythonic way

Discord bots are AIs that can perform a number of useful automated tasks and Discord bot commands on your server, such as welcoming new members, moderating content, and banning rule breakers. You can use bot commands to add music, memes, games.

Cybel is also a discord bot implemented in python using async APIs and object-oriented design.


  • Admin Commands for server management with powerful moderation
  • Stay connected every time with 99% uptime
  • Custom welcome message for each user when joining
  • Separate DM message upon joining the server
  • Utility async APIs
  • Commands for user access
  • AI-enabled chatbot(only in Beta Version)
  • Log Everything with embed message
  • AutoMod - Delete offensive word automatically[optional]
  • Use the bot to its full potential without ever annoying anyone
  • Modern Pythonic API using async/await syntax
  • Easy to use with an object-oriented design
  • Optimised for both speed and memory
  • More Features coming soon...

Invite Cybel into your server

Bot Commands

Stable Version Commands

Admin Level commands will require admin permission. Assign an Admin role to the Bot.

Admin Commands

command name Use Of commands Example
kick Kick user from Discord server !kick <user_name> <reason>
ban Ban user from Discord server !ban <user_name> <reason>
unban Unban user from Discord server !unban <member_id>
mute mute the user in your discord server !mute <user_name>
unmute Unmute the user in your discord server !unmute <user_name>
chnick Change Nicknames of Members !chnick <user_name> <Nick_name>
create_role Create New Roles in server !create_role <new_role>
give_role Give role to members !give_role <user_name> <role_name>
create_category Command for create category in Guild/Channel !create_category <category_name>
create_text_channel command for create text channel in Guild/Channel !create_text_channel <Channel_name>
create_voice_channel command for create voice channel in Guild/Channel !create_voice_channel <channel_name>
delete_category Command for delete category from server !delete_category <category_name>
delete_text_channel Command for delete text channel !delete_text_channel <channel_name>
delete_voice_channel Command for delete voice channe !delete_voice_channel <channel_name>

check !help for command description

User Commands

User Level commands.

command name Use Of commands Example
help Get the list of all commands !help
info Tells you some info about the member. !info
fact function to send random fact !fact
joke function to send random joke !joke
ping Ping-Pong function to test the bot status !ping
cat Get Random picture of Cats !cat
dog Get Random picture of Dogs !dog
fox Get Random picture of Fox !fox
dice Roll a dice in ndn format !diceku 5d6
flipcoin Flip the coin randomly !flipcoin
create_invite Create instant invite !create_invite
gh get Github user data !gh
ifsc Get Indian bank branch details by IFSC code !ifsc
weather Get Weather of your City !weather
server to get the information about server !server

Conversation with Cybel

Beta Version Commands

Including above

command name Use Of commands Example
cybel AI Enabled ChatBot !cyble What is thermodynamics
c aliases of !cybel !c What is thermodynamics

Conversation with Cybel

Note :- Cybel Beta may have some bugs, broken features, and experimental commands.

for more details check !help <command_name> in server.

Upcoming Feature

  • AI-Enabled ChatBot(In Beta Version)
  • Curse word deletion
  • Role Upgrade
  • Reactions Roles
  • Create Instant Invite
  • Kick/Ban User
  • more...

Support Here

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