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Starting a new project

I am starting a new project where I will be developing a product which I have in mind for a while and it is based on my wife's work as a Coach helping people to improve their quality of life creating better exercise and eating habits, I know there's a lot of apps out there but nothing that fits my wife's way of work.

I have vast working experience as a back end developer and operations and some limited experience with Android mobile development. My main background is Java, Javascript, Linux and more recently I've been looking into Kotlin.

I am starting this blog so I can share my learning experience building this project and get feedback to learn and improve.

I will start the project developing an Android mobile application to improve where I have the biggest gap of knowledge to accomplish my goal. I am planning to publish tutorials and document my journey here, I know it will be a long journey as this is a side project but I am prepared to invest a couple of years of my free time in this.

My first technical post will most likely be related to manipulating images within an Android Application as the app will require taking and manipulating images, stay tuned.

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