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Removing the obstacles

I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Codesphere. Here's my story that explains why I joined this amazing project. It is a story of unanswered questions and limitations that obstruct the lives of developers around the world every day.

As I remember my first first Computer Science lecture years ago: It started with the words:

Computer Science isn't about programming, it's about solving problems.

Solving problems, huh. Then why are we - developers, engineers, and problem solvers - stuck with local development environments, that are limited in so many ways? Why do we have to spend thousands of dollars on the hardware for development? Why do we even have to do something locally when a) most of the apps that we use daily are already in the cloud and b) most of the apps that we build already require an internet connection for development?

Local development ain't perfect

So why not to move the development to the cloud? And no, it's not just a fancy phrase. At Codesphere, our goal is to remove the pain points of local development. Most certainly you are pretty familiar with most of them:

  • IDEs are lacking the speed you need
  • You don't have enough computational power to run your app
  • The headache from constant adjustment of local environment switching between different projects
  • Expensive hardware
  • No real-time collaboration (but really, what happened to pair programming?)
  • The dying laptop battery after~2 hours of intensive local development

I can keep going, but it seems like we have already identified the problems that many of us face daily. We need to move away from a local development! You can see that there are plenty of arguments that solving this core problem has a significant impact on the development process and all things we create with code. Now let's talk about our solution.

Building the best web IDE

Even though some Web IDEs have been around for quite some time the technology itself is far from being "adopted". Since I first used some of the top web IDEs back in 2016 the situation hasn't really changed much. And that's why I joined the Codesphere, because we are here to change that.

It isn't enough to just build a web IDE. It has to be blazing-fast, simple to use, convenient, and customizable. It has to be next-level. Add a real-time collaboration and a zero-config infrastructure to that and you get the Codesphere cloud. Codesphere is so much more than just a web IDE: it is the symbiosis of a next-level IDE with cloud services - everything you need to build your application from the ground and launch it to production.


I believe that Codesphere will simplify my life and the lives of other developers, allowing us to focus on what really matters. #justcode

At Codesphere, we are not building just another new product, we are creating a foundation for developers to thrive and achieve their goals. 🚀

Let us know: which obstacles do you face in your daily life as a developer?

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Elias Groll

Awesome! Love working with you @roman !

romfrolov profile image
Roman Frolov

Likewise, @eliasgroll !

christian0cfg profile image
Christian Siemoneit

Happy to have you with us removing obstacles of millions of people that are creating software/products for billions.

romfrolov profile image
Roman Frolov

Thank you, @christian0cfg ! We, indeed, are solving a very fundamental problem.

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Roman Frolov

Many thanks, @rmariotto ! Glad you liked it. 😊