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Figma for Developers: 2 Simple Tips to Level Up Your Figma Game

Figma is a great tool to help you design landing pages quickly, but it isn't often used to it's fullest potential. This article will go over 3 simple tips that you can use to create better components for your landing pages.

Creating a dynamic button

1/ Type in your text as you normally would.

2/ Click Shift + A on the text layer, this will make it an auto-layout frame.

3/ Adjust the padding and alignment in the 'Alignment and padding' window on the right. Also add in your button's color by adding a Fill.

That's it, you've created a button will retain alignment and padding even if you change the text inside.

Creating a reusable button

1/ Right click on the auto-layout frame you've just created and click 'Create component'

2/ Copy paste the button anywhere in your design.

3/ When you apply any changes to the original component, it affects all child components.

These 2 simple tips will speed up your workflow a lot, not to mention you can use this same technique for any component, not just buttons. Give it a shot next time you're designing something on Figma!

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Md shakib ahmed

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Pete Steven

Another way to speed up your web development process is by using nocode tools like Desech Studio where you can import your figma design file and then apply some slight changes and your code is finished.

Then you can focus on more important things like responsiveness and integrate with your react, angular or vue code base.