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I redesigned YelpCamp by Colt Steele, and am giving away his Bootcamp for free!

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

Back when I was taking Colt Steele's bootcamp, I noticed that almost all YelpCamp projects were the same, and that's to be expected since people were still learning how to build a full stack application, but i'm a big fan of making it your own so I redesigned it!

I tried my best not to add new features so as to not overwhelm beginners still learning, so this includes all the functionality you will find in the bootcamp.

You can download the custom design for the YelpCamp challenge here for free

🎁 I'm also giving away the bootcamp to one lucky winner, to enter the giveaway, check out this tweet

Note: The link to the challenge will take you to my side project,Codewell, so please treat this post as such, thank you!

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