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Top 8 Programming Languages Trends for 2021

The article was originally posted in Codica blog.

Are you deciding on a tech stack for your software application to become a huge new hit? At the beginning of the year, we are all excited to see what changes this new year will bring.

So let’s cut to the chase and get down to the programming languages trends you should not miss in 2021.


Not everyone knows that Python is a relatively old programming language. Still, we are sure that there is hardly a tech person who hasn’t heard of it. A Stack Overflow survey states that it’s the most popular language programmers have not mastered yet but are going to learn in the future.

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Current trends in programming languages show Python’s relevance for machine learning, data science, and the IoT.


  • Simple and plain syntax;
  • Wide range of libraries;
  • Open-source nature.


  • Moderate execution speed;
  • Extensive memory consumption;
  • Not suitable for mobile development.

What is Python used for?

The latest programming language trends claim Python to be especially effective for such domains:

  • Web development;
  • Desktop apps development;
  • Machine learning;
  • Neuroscience;
  • Medicine;
  • Pharmacology;
  • Astronomy.

Python is one of the top programming languages for web development. The countless number of websites and different platforms built with its help only prove this fact. Let’s mention some of them:

  • Instagram;
  • Google;
  • Spotify;
  • Netflix;
  • Uber;
  • Dropbox;
  • Pinterest.


Kotlin is the fastest-emerging programming language released in 2016. According to programming languages trends, Kotlin is the preferred language for Android development. And in 2021, this trend is going to grow even more popular.


  • Good Java interoperability;
  • Fast-pace growth;
  • Clear and compact codebase;
  • Ease of maintenance.


  • Comparatively slow compilation;
  • Restricted community resources;
  • Kotlin uses a different approach than Java.

What is Kotlin used for?

Kotlin is one of the best new programming languages, and it is well suited for Android software development. The fresh programming languages trends show it can be used successfully in the following areas:

  • Building IoT applications;
  • iOS application development;
  • Web development;
  • Data analytics;
  • Data science;
  • Game development.


High demand for Scala developers became one of the hottest programming languages trends. The reason is that developers using such programming languages as Scala, Perl, and Go tend to get the highest salary worldwide.

Alt Text
Source: Stack Overflow


  • Compatibility with Java;
  • Functional and concise coding;
  • Scala is considered one of the top web programming languages.


  • Scala’s syntax is more complicated if we compare it to Java; Limited developer pool;
  • Since Scala is a relatively new technology, it can be abandoned at any time.

What is Scala used for?

Programmers can use Scala programming language for multiple purposes. It is suitable for various types of custom business software development projects. They are big data and distributed applications.

What are the most famous websites built with Scala? These are Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Foursquare.


The popularity of JavaScript is undeniable. It is reflected in the survey by Stack Overflow. Javascript holds the status of a programming language that is the most commonly used by professional developers.

Alt Text
Source: Stack Overflow



  • The lack of static typing;
  • Each browser interprets JavaScript code differently;
  • The lack of client-side security.

What is JavaScript used for?

Since JavaScript is among the top programming languages, it is suitable for multiple purposes. Let’s mention some of them.

  • Mobile app development;
  • Web games;
  • The client-side of web applications;
  • The server-side of web apps;
  • Desktop apps development.


Recent programming languages trends mention Objective-C as one of the most dreaded languages. Swift programming language was created to take its place.


  • Scalability of Swift projects;
  • The clean and simple syntax that streamlines the development process;
  • Excellent typing and error handling functions improve performance.


  • Lack of support for old iOS versions;
  • Restricted talent pool;
  • Poor backward compatibility.

What is Swift used for?

Currently, professional developers use Swift to build macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS products.


A recent Developer Skill Report by HackerRank introduces the latest programming languages trends. Their findings show that Go is the top programming language developers want to learn.

Alt Text


  • Owing to a small number of complex functions and simple syntax, Go is easy to learn;
  • Decent default library;
  • Advanced tools for static analysis.


  • The small number of packages;
  • Insufficient error handling;
  • Limited number of frameworks.

What is Go used for?

The latest trends in programming languages suppose using Go for the following products:

  • Cloud services;
  • Media platforms;
  • Google products;
  • On-demand services.


Initially, Java was designed for interactive television. However, later, developers found another use for this advanced technology. Thus, it is currently used for Internet programming.

The following characteristics make Java one of the top programming languages:

  • Dynamic;
  • Secured;
  • Robust;
  • Platform-independent;
  • Object-oriented;
  • Simple.


  • Java can be run on any computer that supports Java Virtual Machine;
  • Improved app efficiency and performance owing to multithreading;
  • Java is suitable for distributed computing.


  • Slower performance, compared to C++ or C;
  • Lack of backup facility;
  • Complexity and verbosity of Java code.

What is Java used for?

Java is known as one of the top web programming languages. Other popular uses of this technology that should be mentioned are:

  • Mobile app development;
  • Big data technologies;
  • Software development tools;
  • Trading app development.


Finally, we cannot leave unattended the Ruby programming language. We are a software development company specializing in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Therefore, we have something to say about this technology.


  • Multiple gems;
  • Object-oriented nature;
  • Simple, elegant, and easy-to-read syntax.


  • Insufficient debugging;
  • Slow speed;
  • Ruby is not so popular as a multi-purposed programming language.

What is Ruby used for?

Ruby is widely used in custom marketplace development. The great examples of marketplaces built with Ruby are Airbnb, Fiverr, and Couchsurfing.

Besides, Ruby is a perfect option for the following types of web projects:


These are the top trends in programming languages that deserve your attention. As you can see, there is a great choice of technologies that suit basically any web project. Define the type of application you want to build and your particular business requirements to make the right choice.

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