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Streaming Programming YouTube or...?

I am planning to do a once a week programming video stream and have always planned to do it on YouTube, but I see others like Chris on using twitch...

So what platform do you use in 2019? Why?

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Jessica Chan

I started out on Twitch, doing live coding streams, but I decided to switch over to YouTube. This was mostly because I wanted to pick just one platform, and I also wanted to upload edited non-live videos. It just seemed simpler to do everything on YouTube, at least for myself!

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Rodrigo Andrade

In my opinion twitch is more niche-ish. So with this in mind you can have a more close conversation with the streamer. Also, if you like, people usually archive streams on YT. So maybe this is a option for you?

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Chris Sev • Edited

I started on Twitch and switched over to YouTube because I felt there would be a larger audience on there. The main thing I learned from going to YouTube:

YouTube doesn't build community like Twitch does (for livestreaming at least).

Streamed on Twitch and the same people keep coming back. On YouTube, I never got repeat viewers because YouTube's livestreaming notification system is terrible.

After 3 months away from Twitch, I streamed again and 25 of the regular viewers came back!

Twitch has a big learning curve and has its downsides, but I decided that I would rather focus on the quality of the community rather than trying to get the highest numbers. Twitch is the spot for community building.

Final Thoughts:

  • Twitch feels like it's hangout with dev friends. If I get stuck, people always help out with the code.
  • YouTube felt more professional. People expected webinar quality with no mistakes.

YouTube is for recorded videos. Twitch is for livestreaming.

Livestream on Twitch. Export the stream to YouTube. Here's my links if you want to see how I stream!

On Twitch
On YouTube

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Paweł Kowalski • Edited

Im never going to twitch to watch code. Too much trash (tech wise and content wise). Im infinietly more likely to subscribe to YT channel with recordings of it though.

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Alex Patterson

I should have mentioned AJonP has a channel already, so I am a little biased 😸