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Website Color Extractor

Website color extractor is a free online color tool allowing you to check what colors are used in a CSS file, and how many times they have been used! A free online tool to extract colors from CSS files. Built for modern CSS, it works with hex, rgb and rgba.

CSS Color Extractor

Extract the css color palette scheme from a website. A handy CSS tool for web designers to see all the HEX color combinations in a web page. Paste the CSS url here and get all the colors which they used! A must-have tool for designers and frontend developers. Free css colour scheme extraction. The apps color extraction tool is used to grab colors from a css. Simply enter the URL of the website css file you want to grab colors from, then press the Check Colors button. Our color tool will then attempt to read that websites CSS files to find all of the HEX, RGB and RGBA color codes. If colors are found, you will be redirected to the color codes page where you can see all of their colors. From there, you can build and test color schemes and palettes with those colours. extracts color information from any css files. It extracts color from CSS source where the color can be identified in accordance with the CSS2/CSS3 specification. In general this means that it will extract multiple formats of hexadecimal color representation as well as valid html/css color names.

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