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Our Most Popular Resources for Developers

Let's be honest, developing has its challenges. To meet the ever more diverse demands on applications and technologies, we all rely on a multitude of resources to make our lives easier. So we, the makers of your future favorite reporting tool List & Label, thought it might be helpful to let you benefit from our experience. Below you will find just a small selection of the tools that we can't do without.

Helpful Tools

WinDbg is an absolutely indispensable tool for any serious developer. You can look into dump files, check the threads, stacks and module versions and even (sometimes ) get information on locals. Microsoft has recently released a preview of a Windows Store App that adds a nice UI.

Sysinternals Suite is a no-brainer to install. Process Monitor lets you find the culprit for any file or registry access - including stacks. And Process Explorer helps to kill the process that locks the DLLs you currently want to build.

Fiddler, a free web debugging proxy, is great for debugging http(s) traffic, decoding request headers and responses etc.

bcTester is a freeware tool that can be used to decode the contents of most barcodes. It's very useful to check the contents, encoding etc. It also can handle GS1 data.

The recent versions of Microsoft Visual Studio also include very interesting tools such as the Performance Profiler to investigate CPU usage (individual threads, durations, etc.) or the memory usage of different code segments. A good introduction to this can be found here.

In addition to the tools already included in Visual Studio, the well-known Deleaker is also used to record and then selectively eliminate a wide variety of leak types such as memory, GDI and handles. Of course, this is not only used when problems occur. It should also be used after new implementations of features in order to exclude any anomalies in advance. Cyclical reviews of the entire application should also be considered at regular intervals.

Ref12 is a very helpful Visual Studio extension that forwards F12 on .NET Framework class members to, which shows you the source code right there in your browser.

Debwin4 is not only our customers favorite tool to record List & Label commands, if something doesn't work as you want it to. Because of its good performance and versatile filtering capabilities, it is also used by us in various tools and applications.

Useful Documentation

Microsoft Developer Network - MSDN is an inexhaustible source of information about Windows programming and it's almost impossible to imagine any developer without it. The Microsoft API and reference catalog is a good starting point. For the native Windows API there is a very good overview in the area Windows API Index.

And, no big surprise, Stack Overflow helps if it gets trickier and you can't get any further with the board funds. You will certainly find an interesting approach or impulse in the right direction. There is a solution for everything. For combit List & Label there is even the tag 'listlabel'.

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