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Common Ninja Platform News: Payments | New E-Commerce APIs

We are very excited to share with you recent news and updates related to our developer platform. We are planning on posting these updates once a month, so stay tuned!

Just to remind you, the Common Ninja Developer Platform allows you to build & monetize apps for e-commerce platforms very easily. With our single e-commerce API you can build your app once, and integrate it with multiple platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, and more. There's no need to rebuild the app and make it work on every platform individually.

🎉 What’s New:

  • Payments
  • API updates
    • Products
    • Orders
    • Customers

Payments in Common Ninja


We are proud to present the brand new payments capabilities — that includes a simple interface that allows you to create payment plans for your app, connect them to popular payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, and Shopify app payment APIs, and dynamically create checkout URLs for your app’s users 🚀

Learn more about how it works in the docs.

API Updates

We’ve added 3 new e-commerce APIs:

  • Products - a new set of API endpoints for managing the store’s products resource.
  • Orders - with the new orders API you can create, update, and see store’s orders.
  • Customers - a simple API to consume a list of store’s customers.

You may learn more about all of the supported APIs here.

More exciting updates will be released soon so stay tuned!

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