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Common Ninja Platform News: Squarespace Integration | Payment Plans Metadata | Shopify Partners Integration

We are very excited to share with you recent news and updates related to our developer platform.

Although August is mostly a quiet month, we worked hard to add amazing features to Common Ninja's Developer Platform including new e-commerce and payments APIs, a new e-commerce integration with Squarespace, and an interesting connection between Common Ninja and Shopify's partners API.

Just to remind you, Common Ninja is a developer platform for building and monetizing universal e-commerce apps. We provide a universal e-commerce API that allows developers to build apps once and launch them across multiple platforms. In addition, Common Ninja provides integrations with popular payment platforms - helping developers to monetize their apps very easily.

πŸŽ‰ What’s New:

  • Squarespace integration
  • Payment plans metadata
  • Integration with Shopify Partners API
  • APIs
    • Product images API
    • Checkout URL API
    • User subscriptions API

Common Ninja's Squarespace Integration

Squarespace integration

We're happy to announce our 9th e-commerce platform integration support, which will allow you to make your app accessible to Squarespace merchants and users.

In order to add the integration, you'll need to create a Squarespace app, and use the provided client ID and client secret. You can learn more about it here.

Payment plans metadata

Payment plans metadata

Introducing the payment plan metadata editor β€” a new way to add custom metadata based on your app's needs. You can attach metadata to any plan or feature created in the Common Ninja's payments admin, and then consume it with the payment plans API.

Shopify partners integration

Shopify Partners API integration

We're truly excited about this one.

This month we've added an option to connect your Common Ninja app to Shopify Partners’ API, allowing you to see subscriptions, payments, and the usage data of your universal e-commerce. Not only will this information be from Shopify merchants, but also from all other merchants from any other platform that your app is integrated with β€” all in one place!

Learn more about how to connect your Common Ninja app to Shopify here.

New APIs

We've added support for 3 new APIs:

  • Product images API: A new set of CRUD APIs for better management of the product images resource.
  • Checkout URL API: A simple endpoint for getting the checkout URL of a payment plan integrated with our payment integrations' solution.
  • User subscriptions: A new endpoint for fetching a list of user's subscriptions based on status or platform.

If you have any specific requests or ideas, we'll be more than happy to hear them πŸ™‚

πŸ“š Learn more

You can use the following resources to learn more and get help:

πŸ“œ Common Ninja Docs
πŸ’¬ Discord Community

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