Javascript Explained | Sketch-notes PART3

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Javascript sketch notes (4 Part Series)

1) Javascript Explained | Sketch-notes PART1 2) Javascript Hoisting | Sketch-notes PART2 3) Javascript Explained | Sketch-notes PART3 4) Javascript Explained | sketch-notes PART4

Hey There! 🙌🏾

Here are the past week's #sketchnotes that I created for my 'You Don't know JS' series that I post on twitter:

This one shows how scope is treated differently for variables declared using var and let:

This one explains the weird stuff that happens when you try to assign to a non-existing variable:

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These look fantastic, what software do you use to make the sketchnotes?


Thanks :) I use excalidraw and figma.


Nice, was pretty sure it was done with excalidraw :)