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The idea that changed the way I program - Dev Finds Friday

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Onto the the links!

I was browsing Twitter earlier this week when I came across a thread on ideas that changed your life.

It's well worth a read in and of itself, but it got me thinking about what ideas changed the way I program.

I tweeted out my first thoughts on what those ideas might be, and as I think about it now perhaps the biggest change was learning how to use JavaScript's array methods.

I read through a tutorial on functional programming in JavaScript, and overnight it transformed my code. I don't remember the last time I wrote a for-loop in my day job.

I've read a lot of articles, watched tons of courses, and listened to too many podcasts, but only a small percentage of that content has truly shaped the way I program. It's fun to look back and reflect on the ones that did.
What ideas have influenced you?

The Links

Rules of thumb for a 1x developer: Everyone is obsessed with the idea of a 10x developer., but what do you do when you're a 1x dev?

  • "Rule 3: Focus “learning time” on things that compound"
  • "Rule 18: Estimates serve more for creating pressure than for project planning"
  • "Rule 20: When somebody says Agile, push for Kanban, not Scrum"

Hacker News discussion.

Advice for Writing a Technical Resume: Great article from Sarah Drasner on exactly what it says.

"Each time you list a work example, answer this: what did you accomplish? This is a good way to provide valuable information without unnecessary fluff."

Regular Expressions for Regular Folk: A visual tour de force through regular expressions.

SQL Police Department: Learn SQL while solving crimes. The Hacker News discussion has a few other links to similar SQL tutorials, as well, like SQL Murder Mystery.

Software Folklore – A collection of weird bug stories: We've all experienced our share of tough bugs. This is a collection of doozies like a bug that only showed up depending on the phase of the moon.

The Hacker News discussion has more bug stories.

Analyzing Analytics (Featuring: The FBI): In which our young adventurer discovers a site secretly run by the FBI.

The Eng Hiring Bar: What the hell is it?: A question for the ages. Long answer made short: it depends, but it's pretty high.

Corresponding Hacker News discussion.

That's all I've got.

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Much appreciated.

Stay healthy and thanks for reading!

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It's always cool going down memory lane. This was a great summary Paul!