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Jamstack Resources: Where Do Jamstackers Hang Out?

2023 TL;DR. Discords, Livestreams from general well known influencers (yes, we have those in dev as well).

Updated on Feb 6, 2023: Three years in and here is another update to Jamstack resources page.
Updated on Jan 25, 2022: Two years is a lot of time, especially in the tech world where things change fast. Originally I wrote this post back in 2020. Since then, I got COVID 2 times, got vaccinated 3 times, still managed to travel a couple of times, and changed my job. Back then, I was working for Bejamas (last year’s Jamstack Agency Of The Year🏆). While making the Jamstack ecosystem infographic, I wanted to map the resources/communities (loose terms here that involve a lot of different types of channels) where jamstackers like to hang out.

In 2022 the scene became a bit different with Gitter and Spectrum died as channels for pretty much everyone, Discord becoming more important than Slack, etc. So, what's up this year?

Discord communities rule + the biggest change is the fact that the lines in dev became even more blurred than before. The dance between static and dynamic websites became a complex one dictated by use case rather than tech/approach one would use on a project. Even the definition of jamstack somewhat changed.

With wider appearance and adoption of the Jamstack architecture we've seen a lot of other communities opening channels for discussion about Jamstack and the tools in the space. We've also seen Jamstack devs opting out for Twitch/YT streams, podcasts and influncers from different web tech areas not just Jamstack. But the problem is the same, i.e., how to prioritize who to follow, visit, and add in the list?

For better or for worse, I came up with my system. I make a difference between:

  • general channels that cover Jamstack (and possibly more);
  • channels that are specific for a static site generator people rely on (on top of being free to use, I think SSGs are crucial definer for many of us making their channels neck-to-neck with the general ones);
  • tool support channels (while all of these are hugely helpful and important, they are bound by the company that runs them); and
  • influncers previously known as education section (no better way to explain these but they are a mix of YT/Twitch channels and podcasts).

Now, it goes without saying that you should follow the support channels of your preferred tools, right? Let’s say you host your project on Vercel, they provide support at their GitHub acc. If you use Netlify, there is a Netlify community where you can ask questions or just hang out with Netlifyers. DatoCMS, one of the headless CMSs in the space, has its Slack channel here. Website search option many of us use Algolia has a community forum. We at Crystallize have a 🔥Crystallize Slack community that’s not only for support questions 🙃

Helpful as they are, I won’t be including all of these here. The list that follows, while it may have tool support channels as well, is set communities/channels that helped me the most (and still do) on my Jamstack journey.


🔥Jamstack Official Community Discord - Wthout a doubt the beacon we all turn to when looking for Jamstack topics and discussions.
Gatsby on Discord - For years a cool channel to discuss anything Gatsby and Jamstack. It's gonna be interesting to see what will happened with it in the light of recent Netlify acquisition of Gatsby.
Next.js on Discord - Everything Next.js and Vercel related you can ask here.
🔥:party-cogi: chat - Awesomely fun and incredibly helpful Party Corgi Network Discord!
WeMakeDevs - Another cool general channel to be a part of.
Cfe_dev Discord - Discord from conference organizers.
RemixRun Community - Because Remix become an important tool in the arsenal of many of you it deserves to be here.
Cloudflare Devs - Stuck with Cloudflare Pages setup? Ask for a solution here.
Nuxt js on Discord - Everything Nuxt.
Svelte on Discord - Very active Svelte community Discord.
11th on Discord - Everything and anything 11ty is here.
Web dev and web design Discord - General Discord channel well worth of your time.
Reactiflux - Huge community around React and frontend talks.

Slack Channels

tND - theNewDynamics - without any doubt still my favorite hangout for everyone interested in Jamstack. Though it has to be said not very active.
Coding Blocks - not Jamstack specific but still a lively place with a helpful community gathered around web dev topics.


🔥Jamstack_dev - You know how Redditors can be vicious, so watch out when you post here (yours truly partake in making this one).
Jamstack - One more community around the idea of Jamstack.
GatsbyJS - Of course, Gatsby is on Reddit as well.
Next.js - Have a question about Next js for Redditors?
Netlify - Discussions around Netlify on Reddit.
Vue.js - The progressive Javascript framework
Headless Commerce - Anything headless, really.


🔥Jamstack_conf - A place to be if you want to network with the jamstackers. Last one was in November 2022.
🔥ReactNorway (coming Jun 16th, 2023) - What, React? Well, not just React but all things frontend including Jamstack. Last year we've had a blast and this year it's gonna be even better.
🔥The_Jam_dev 2023 - A Jamstack community conference.
Local meetups - Join a local Jamstack community for talks and networking.
Gatsby JS Conference - Waiting on dates. Last one was in March 2022.
Next JS Conference - Waiting on dates. Last one was in October 2022.


🔥Jamstacked - An email update on the evolving Jamstack ecosystem from Brian Rinaldi and Cooperpress. A worthy successor to tND newsletter (which I miss).
Jamstack🚀Shortcuts🎞 - Every week, I post a curated list of the hot jamstacky blog posts, articles, videos. I’m at #90 right now. Of course, I am biased, but I heard it through the grapevine it is good😅
Bejamas Newsletter - A shameless plug (because yours truly partake in making this one), but I think that the fact they are a web dev shop gives them a unique, unbiased perspective shared in their content.

Social and Whatnot

🔥Jamstack Linkedin Group - A group of like-minded professionals that help each other solve problems (yours truly partake in making this one).
Jamstack_devs on Facebook - A group for Jamstack developers (yours truly partake in making this one).
Jamstack FB - Another group worth joining.
Gatsby JS Community on Facebook.
Next JS Community on Facebook.
Nuxt JS Community on Facebook.
Vue Devs Community on Facebook.
Jamstack on IH - Talking about all things Jamstack here.
🔥Jamstackers - My open Twitter list with top Jamstack tools and people in one place (a work in progress).
there is a shit ton of groups and pages on Facebook and Linkedin, and most do not work or are full of spammy messages. I’ve found these working reasonably well.

Influncers / Podcasts

🔥Jamstack Radio - Heavy Bit Industries podcast about the Jamstack, a new way to build fast & secure apps or websites. Hosted by Brian Douglas.
That's My Jamstack - Bryan Robinsons’ podcast looking at the people that make the Jamstack community a fantastic place to work and play.
Syntax. fm - A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers by Wes Boss and Scott Tolinski.
🔥Remotely Interesting - Netlify devs chat about the web....most of the time.
Full Stack Radio - A podcast for developers. From product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration. Adam Wathan hosted it.

Influncers / Twitch and YT

🔥Learn With Jason - Jason Lengstorf is a developer and community advocate that runs a live show streamed on Twitch, where he talks and codes with equality amazing people.
Jamstack training - A portal dedicated entirely to Jamstack educational video courses and short tutorials about the various aspects run by Tamas Piros.
Jamstack TutorialBeau Carnes free 4-hour course on building fast, secure Websites still rocks.
🔥Jamstack Community Survey 2022 – In 2022, Netlify ran a survey of the Jamstack community. Take a look at the results.
Web Almanac: Jamstack | 2022 Report - The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive report.

… and a massive amount of articles published all over the web, including here at Dev😬

The list is a work-in-progress. If I missed something and you know it’s worth adding, please hit me up and suggest additions/changes. Your feedback is more than valuable.

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Zevi Reinitz

Thanks for this @cookieduster_n!

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Francois Lanthier Nadeau

Shoutout to @cookieduster_n for putting this together - cool resource(s)!

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Ben Read

Awesome list! A few I missed to. Thanks!

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Nebojsa Radakovic

I just realized most channels are around JS frontends...sorry Hugo, Jekyll etc people it's not that I've forgotten you it' more that my focus is on js. But I'd be happy to add your suggestions.