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Jamstack Resources: Where Do Jamstackers Hang Out?

While working on JAMstack ecosystem infographic I wanted to map the resources/communities (loose terms here that involve a lot of different types of websites) where jamstackers like to hang out.

It turned out to be much harder than I thought 😲

Not only there are a lot of social channels, communities, and podcasts to follow but also support options for many tools in the space have their own Slack/Discord/Spectrum,/Reddit, etc. channel with a truly helpful community (mods/admins included).

So, I had to prioritize a bit who to follow and who to include in this list.

Now, it goes without saying that you should follow support channels of your preferred tools, right? Let’s say you are into Next.js, they provide support at their GitHub acc. In case you use Netlify, there is a Netlify community where you can ask questions or just hang out with Netlifyers. DatoCMS, one of the headless CMSs in the space, has its own Slack channel here. Website search option many of us use Algolia has a community forum and Discord channel. And don’t get me started with Gatsby. They are all over the web 🙃

While all of these are hugely helpful and important, they are bound by the company that runs them.

The list that follows, while it may have tool support channels as well (because I like them), is set mainly of other places, the ones that helped me the most on my Jamstack journey.


Slack Channels

theNewDynamics - without any doubt the best hangout for everyone interested in JAMstack.
Jamstack community Slack - official Slack channel.


Gitter JAMstack community - A place to discuss all things Jamstack. Ask questions, make connections, start a meetup group, and spread the word!
Gitter Netlify community - Fan run Gitter room. Not moderated by Netlify staff, but a place where people talk about it and help others who might have a problem.


JAMstack Linkedin Group - A group of like-minded professionals that help each other solve problems.


Gatsby at Spectrum - Have a question regarding Gatsby? You can ask it here.


JAMstack on Facebook - A group for JAMstack developers.


Gatsby on Discord - Ask even more questions about Gatsby and join the discussions.
Next.js on Discord - Everything Next.js and Vercel related you can ask here.
:party-cogi: chat - Awesomely fun and incredibly helpful Party Corgi Network Discord!


JAMstack_dev - You know how Redditors can be viscous so watch out when you post here.
JAMstack - One more community around the idea of Jamstack.
GatsbyJS - Of course, Gatsby is on Reddit as well.
Next.js - Have a question about it?
Netlify - Discussions around Netlify on Reddit.

Indie Hackers

JAMstack on IH - Talking about all things Jamstack here.

Twitter lists

JAMstackers - My open Twitter list with top JAMstack people in one place (a work in progress).


JAMstack Radio - Heavy Bit Industries podcast about the Jamstack, a new way to build fast & secure apps or websites. Hosted by Brian Douglas.
That's My JAMstack - Bryan Robinsons’ podcast looking at the people that make the JAMstack community an amazing place to work and play.
Static Bits - A static site podcast.
Full Stack Radio - A podcast for developers. From product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration. Hosted by Adam Wathan.
JAMcomerce - Emerging technologies, trends, and news from within the eCommerce industry. Hosted by Jonathan Steele & Jamie Barton.


JAMstack_conf - 2 times per year on 2 different locations. A place to be if you want to network with the jamstackers.
backendlessConf_ - Was in December last year and I'm hoping to see it again soon.
Local meetups - Join a local Jamstack community for talks and networking.
TheJam_dev - A Jamstack community conference.


Jamstacked - An email update on the evolving JAMstack ecosystem from Brian Rinaldi and Cooperpress. A worthy successor to tND newsletter (which I miss).
Snipcart Newsletter - Although they are a shopping cart platform they have an amazing blog and a newsletter.
Bejamas Newsletter - Yes, it is a shameless plug but I do think we, as a web dev shop, have a unique perspective shared in our blog posts.


Learn With Jason - Jason Lengstorf is a developer and community advocate that runs a live show, streamed on Twitch, where he talks and codes with equality amazing people. - A portal dedicated entirely to Jamstack educational video courses and short tutorials about the various aspects of it.
JAMstack Tutorial – How to build fast, secure Websites. A free 4-hour course.
The State of Jamstack 2020 Report – took a closer look at the current state of Jamstack’s adoption and use. Download the report.
State of the Jamstack Survey 2020 – At the beginning of 2020, Netlify ran a survey of the Jamstack community. Take a look at the results.
… and a huge amount of articles published all over the web including here at Dev😬

The list is a work-in-progress. Your feedback is more than valuable. In case I missed something and you know it’s worth adding it please hit me up and suggest additions/changes.

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Francois Lanthier Nadeau

Shoutout to @cookieduster_n for putting this together - cool resource(s)!