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Corey Schaf
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Don't think of it as "Quitting"

Lets talk about leaving one job for another,

and why this is scary, stressful at times but important to our growth.

The first thing is the idea of “Quitting your job”. This in itself has a negative connotation. That you “Quit” on your team, “Quit” on your company and let people down you worked with. Let's take a step back and reframe how we think about quitting. First let's not call it quitting, let us call it leaving, resigning your current position or just moving on to new opportunities. Let's remove that negative sentiment.

Second, let's not think of it as failing your teammates and abandoning the company. Think of it as the company failed to set you up for success. The company failed you and you have recognized that it is time to take action and invest in yourself, your happiness and your growth as a person and engineer. There are many reasons why we move on to different places in our careers and it is often a difficult decision to make especially when you are close with your team, and these moments can be bittersweet, but in the end you need to trust yourself and your intuition on what is best for you in this point in time. You do not want to look back in years time and ask yourself “what if….I took that offer… what if I had the courage to take that interview and overcome imposter syndrome…what if I trusted myself in those moments”.

I have said this before, but we are a sum of our experiences in life, both personally and professionally. If those experiences and short and shallow then we are doing ourselves an injustice in our development. This is the point in my writing where I usually ramble and let the brain to the typing, and I really want to quote a line from Transformers 1 but the other movies were so terrible I doubt anyone would remember, but fifty years from now and you are looking back at your life don’t you wanna say you had the guts to get in the car.


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