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My Personal Website *Update* Added SolanaPay

Website update

Yoo, so I posted a link to my personal website a few weeks back in a blog on here, and I'm just giving an update on it.

I added an "app" button in the top right of the Nav to show some of the apps that I will be testing out on here.

Right now, the app is SolanaPay, which is a Customer to Merchant payment rail. It's a POS system essentially, without the intermediaries.

The app is live (currently set up to have payments sent to my wallet, feel free to try😉.) and from the beginning screen you see is where the "merchant" would enter the amount for the sale, then click generate payment code, which generates a QR code; which then the customer would scan from there wallet and pay. I recommended using Phantom Wallet which already has the built in Solana Pay QR scanner in it.

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Check it out!

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