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Build a Vue.Js E-Commerce App with ButterCMS Headless Backend


"I'm a developer, not a God d*mn point & click machine."

That's my dev friend Nic. We're talking e-commerce.

Few pints in and he cranks up the ranting:


"You know what I don't like? Here:

  1. Coding in a closed ecosystem
  2. Rigid all-in-one platforms for everyone and their dog
  3. Not choosing my tech stack

If you want that Shopify site so bad, you can do it yourself, you don't need ME (dev)."

I love Nic.

And he's right: there's a plethora of cool frameworks/tools out there. Why not create a custom, kick*ss shopping experience with these instead?

Today I want to use Vue.js to show you that's possible. Because yeah, Vue.js e-commerce is a thing!

And with the right set up in the backend—headless content management, namely— it can be a darn cool thing.

Enough babbling, here's what this Vue e-commerce example will include:

  • How to create a neat, frontend Vue storefront
  • How to integrate a customizable HTML/JS cart in a Vue app
  • How to hook the Vue e-comm. app with headless ButterCMS

Now let's make my friend Nic proud, shall we?

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