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Figma Tutorial: How (and Why) To Use It For Your Next Project

Figma Tutorial: How (and Why) To Use It For Your Next Project

I love Italy.

Everything about it from the architecture to the pizza… it’s all good. And while there’s loads to love about the Bel Paese, one marvel tends to stand out: The leaning tower of Pisa.

It took 199 years to build and was designed to be perfectly straight.


But as a designer myself, I can totally relate. Working with project managers and getting requests from a team of developers can leave my projects feeling a bit lopsided, too.

That’s why, today, I wanted to share a special Figma tutorial to show developers why this tool is so much more than just another design tool… it’s an invitation to collaborate more efficiently across an entire team. This has become particularly necessary as web-based projects are increasingly fragmenting work by going the JAMstack route.

So, more specifically, in this post I will look at:

  • The (long and bumpy) road that led to Figma
  • How Figma is closing the gap between designers and developers
  • Figma Tutorial: How (and why) to use it
  • How with Figma, developers can contribute more meaningfully—and more efficiently

By the end of this post, you’ll see why Figma is the perfect tool for making sure all your projects take less than two centuries to complete and come out looking like they should!

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J. Djimitry Rivière • Edited

I love Figma, almost as much as Adobe XD. The only thing it NEEDS is an offline version, so that it's not dependent on internet connection to work fully and functionally.