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9 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Every year StackOverflow publishes insights on the developer survey. These insights cover lots of different aspects of the developers around the globe. It includes developers' background, popular programming languages, web frameworks, libraries, tools, databases, platforms in the software industry.

Today, we will discuss the most popular programming language on Stack Overflow. We have analyzed a few past surveys by Stackoverflow and figured out which are the trending programming languages among developers and anyone needs to learn these languages to accelerate a career. So if you are the one who is thinking of learning new programming languages, then this article is for you.

Programming language plays an essential role in the field of software development. So you must know any of these languages if you are thinking of working in the software development field.

There are many programming languages present in the market. Every language has its advantages and disadvantages. So choosing the best programming language on which you should focus can be difficult.

This is also one of the main reasons why I am writing this article. The main motive of this article is to tell you guys the list of best programming language on which you should work in 2020.

In this article, we will discuss a total of nine popular programming languages. So if you are planning to learn any programming language, then read this article till the end.

1. Javascript

Javascript is a very popular language, according to Stack Overflow. According to research, it is found that more than half of developers use javascript.

Nowadays, it seems impossible to develop a program without the javascript language. Javascript is an interpreted and light-weighted programming language.
Moreover, Javascript plays a significant role in front-end development. According to some social media platforms, javascript is very helpful in creating interactive web pages.

Javascript can be used in the back-end development with the help of the Node.js framework. Due to this reason, most of the new startup uses javascript to handle their back-end processes.

Its growth is increasing rapidly in the game development sector and IoT (internet of things). Moreover, most of the new developer's javascript is the most lovable language. Start learning Javascript with the best Javascript tutorials.

2. Python

Python is one of the programming languages that is widely used all over the world. It can help develop web applications, network servers, desktop apps, medial tools, and machine learning.

Python can be very useful for developing back-end APIs. Moreover, the framework like Django, Turbo Gear, and Pyramid is based on python language.

Python is an excellent choice for beginners. So if you are also planning to learn a new programming language, then you can choose python language.

Python is a high level and easy to understand language. This is also one of the main reasons why it is on number two on our list.

If anyone is thinking of making his career in back end development, then they must go for python language. The best Python Tutorials list is a useful resource to start learning python. Moreover, the python language is beneficial for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Big Data.

3. Java

You must hear about java language, whether you are in the development field or not. This is the reason why java is the most popular programming language.

Java language was created by James Gossling in 1991. Java has a JVM (java virtual machine) feature. Due to this feature, the program made by java language is cross-platform compatible.

Java is 99% object orient based language. Moreover, Java uses automatic garbage collection and memory allocation feature.

Many people believe Java is not a king after the release of the Kotlin language, but it is not valid. There are still many developers who learn java and use java for developing new programs.

4. C# 

Now many people think that why C# is in this top list of programming languages. So let me clear your this doubt.

C# language has the most versatile framework, which is the Dot Net Core framework. Moreover, it is a commonly used programming language.

C# language is developed and maintained by Microsoft. This is also one of the main reasons why it is so much popular among developers.

C# has a large no of features due to which it is very easy for beginners to learn this language. So whether you are a web developer, app developer, or game developer, C# language is helpful for you in all these fields. Learn C# with the best C# tutorials available online.

5. PHP

PHP language is firstly created for making personal home pages. This is the reason why its name is PHP. But now it is one of the most used programming languages.

The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a general-purpose programming language that runs on a server. Moreover, it is useful for creating web pages written in HTML.

One of the more reasons why PHP is a popular language because it is cheap, free, and easy to use. So it is widely preferred by beginners.

Most of the web developer uses PHP for developing web applications. Learn PHP to create content management systems like WordPress that also work on PHP language.

6. Golang

Go is also a language like Python. So the people who love Python also love to use this language. Go language is developed by Google.

Go is a simple language, but it is more efficient as compared to C++. Moreover, Go provides features to write concurrent programs.

Go language is mainly useful for building large scale and complex applications. start to Learn Go Programming - a most demanding programming language of 2020.

7. Typescript

We all know about the javascript language, which is on No one on our list. Typescript language is also similar to the javascript language.

Typescript is Javascript for application scale development. Moreover, Typescript is also a robust object-oriented programming language.

Typescript language is developed by Anders Hejlsberg. He is also a creator of C# language. Typescript has features of Javascript plus some additional features too. The best typescript tutorials list is a good option to start learning Typescript.

8. Ruby

Ruby is an open-source dynamic programming language. Moreover, it is more focused on simplicity and productivity.

Ruby language is created in 1990 in Japan. This language is getting famous due to the Rails framework, which is based on the Ruby language.

Ruby language is a high-level language, but it is not difficult to learn ruby programming language comparison with other languages. Moreover, with the help of this language, you can build an application with less line of code.

9. C++

C++ is a highly efficient and flexible language. It was created in 1985, but still, it is in very high demand due to its high performance.

Microsoft Windows and Google are the two most significant projects in which C++ language is used. Moreover, most of the amazon websites are also based on the C language. It is very important to learn c++.

C++ is mainly helpful for developing desktop applications. There is a large no of applications present around the globe, which is based on the C++ language.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language. Moreover, Apple also uses C++ language to develop its IOS operating system.

I hope guys, after reading this article, you got an idea of which programming language you should work on. If you guys found this article worth reading, then don't forget to share this article with your friends.

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