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Ring Upp - DO Hackathon - Part 4/4 - Submission

What I built

I built a video chat app using WebRTC where you can chat with up to 3 people. This application works on mobile and desktop, allows you to screen-share, has other functionality you'd expect from a video app, and is the start of a bigger video chat application.

Right now this application is minimal but has the beginnings of a commercial video app or more likely a module you can implement in other applications to provide video chat functionality. Other products like this would be Whereby and

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Built for Business

App Link


Screenshot of the Ring Upp landing page
Screenshot of the Ring Upp page where you choose a name for a call
Screenshot of the Ring Upp video call where I am connected and showing my video twice


Ring Upp is a video chat app where you can chat with up to 2 other people on mobile and desktop with no signup.

The flow is simple:

  1. Pick a name for your chat
  2. Share the URL
  3. Start chatting

The video chats are free, real-time, and HD quality utilizing WebRTC to connect clients directly.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License



I explained this a bit more in my series of posts but basically, this application has been on my to-do list for a long time. This hackathon was a great excuse to work on this side project. I have also been working on an app called Cafecito, an app where you can meet new people remotely over video, with a fantastic team that I hope some of the takeaways from this project can help with.

This is my first hackathon but since I've been in the community lately, I was inspired to give this one a try. I was not disappointed.

How I built it

More of this in my series of posts.

That being said, I used App Platform to host my Node.js app which was simple and quick to set up. In this project, I also learned a lot about connecting peers using WebRTC which is a great bit of knowledge to have since WebRTC is continuing to gain traction.

Additional Resources/Info

Express JS

Twilio STUN/TURN (A huge part of connecting with WebRTC)

WebRTC Samples

How WebRTC works

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casiimir profile image

Amazing Craig, It's a wonderful project. Since the web page it seems like a big agency app. Gratz 👏👏

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Craig Holliday

Thank you!