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React.js–Get started in Dart #2

In Part 1 of this series, we built our Greeting component that took a name parameter and rendered this onto the screen. Here's what the snippet for this looked like:

var Greeting = createReactClass({
  "render": allowInteropCaptureThis(
    (ReactClassInterface self) => React.createElement(
      'h1', null, ['Hello, ${getProperty(self.props, "name")}']),
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And we used it by doing:

void main() {
        'name': 'John'
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In this part, we will refactor our solution and proceed to build out the stateful component example. Here's the video:

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I hope this was insightful and you learned something new today.

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Vince Ramces Oliveros

Just finished reviewing re-introduction to JavaScript and ready to move to ReactJS just to build my own SPA Portfolio. I really wanted to integrate it with my dart project. Great Article!

creativ_bracket profile image

Nice one Vince, glad it's helping. I'll be doing more React videos in the future. And thanks for subscribing to the channel ;) Would also be great if you could share the video