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what is web scraping | complete guide


in this time we and our business should be on internet means we should use internet to grow our business. In this article which topic we have chooses has a connection with Business. Yes we are talking about Web Scraping . In this post we will see what is and what its use.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is a technique that is used to fetch data from a website. For gathering data of a website we use this technique that is called as Web Scraping . We use this technique for many reasons .

Uses of this technique

we use web scraping can be used of own or business purpose. we use web scraping for following reasons-

Lead generation

Lead generation is refers to the process of identifying potential customer for your product or service. to generate lead we collect contact detail like email, mobile number of customers to grow our business . For this purpose we use web scraping.

Reputation and brand monitoring

To actively build brand intelligence and monitoring perception we use it . For understanding how customer feel about our product or services and how to give them a better products or services we use it.

machine Learning

Machine learning is about teaching computers how to learn from data to make decisions .For machine learning e requires a lot of data . For gathering a lot of data we use a lot of web pages of websites.
For gathering a lot of data from various website pages we use scraping.

Analysing competitors

If your are in a business then you should know what our competitors are doing and not. To extract competitors data , customers etc in a structured and usable format we use it.

building a price comparison website

If you are a website developer and thinking about to develop a website that compare prices between various sites then you have to collect product details like price , description , and images for analysing we should use.

Other uses

Financial data analysis
building product catalog
map compliance
social media analyze
news monitoring
For SEO etc.

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Sailesh Dahal

check the scrapper I recently built here

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Joy Shaheb

Good job 👌

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Elad Cohen

You need to check your SSL/TLS