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Tech Book Club Reading List 2020

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Last year the dev team at NearSt started a "tech book club". We started meeting once a week to spend 30 to 45 minutes discussing a book, talk or podcast we thought was interesting and vaguely (or directly) relevant to our team's activities.

The below is an unordered list of the various resources we looked at in 2020. Some we liked, some we didn't. We definately didn't finish all the books either. However, they all provided great jumping off points for us to reflect on our team, roadmap, cultural attitudes and technical choices... and so forth.

We found this a particularly good activity since the start of the pandemic, bringing us together to exercise our minds and kick start team discussions whilst working remotely.

So, in case any of these spark your interest... here's our 2020 list!

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Tech book is help in work management and talk with member. So It is time saving and feel safe from this pandemic situation