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DEV Survey βœ… β€” Front-end Data Visualization Tools

TL;DR: PLease complete this survey. Thank you! πŸ™

Hey friends πŸ‘‹ I guess that if you've ever been building a web application in your life, chances are you were using a charting library, a data grid, or any other data visualization tool to present your data in a meaningful and comprehensible way.

The overwhelming success with thousands of views and hundreds of bookmarks under this post in Cube.js blog proves my point πŸ™‚

Cube.js an open-source project that provides developers with an easy way to create an analytical API over their data stored in any database. More importantly, that API can be paired with any front-end frameworks and data visualization libraries.

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πŸ“Š Cube β€” Open-Source Analytics API for Building Data Apps

In our Slack and in private conversations, the Cube.js team is often asked for a recommendation of a charting library, or a data grid, or any other data visualization tool that works great with Cube.js.

All of them do, but we decided to create a website with a list of data visualization tools that can be used by developers to choose the best tool for their projects.

As the first step, we want to understand how you, as developers, approach this choice and which criteria are the most relevant. That’s why we’re kindly asking you to take part in this short survey:

DEV Survey βœ… β€” Front-end Data Visualization Tools

Thank you in advance! πŸ˜‡πŸ™

Surely, we’ll make the results public in the Cube.js blog, so feel free to subscribe to it and stay tuned!

Also, after you fill the survey, feel free to drop a few lines in the comments. What are the best data visualization on public websites that you know? What are the best tools to make such data visualizations? Let's discuss!

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Igor Lukanin
  1. Personally, I really like what the (which is also powered by Cube.js) does for data visualization.
  2. Also, I'm still proud of this COVID-19 data visulization I've created and published on DEV.
  3. The last but not the least, here goes the Data Laboratory's data visualizations that probably are exemplary in data storytelling.

And I can say that I'm quite tool-agnostic in a sense that every data visualization library works in some use case and with proper effort applied to reading the docs and tinkering with the tool. However, I'd really like to do something with Nivo soon πŸ˜€