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Maximiliano Schvindt
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My roadmap to create

Hello people, this is my first post. I want to share a personal project and the roadmap (list of tools, languages or technologies) that I used to complete it.
The project is There are a lot of similar projects with better qualities and features, but I was looking for the opportunity to learn and/or refresh some technologies, so, that wasn't a problem for me.

The idea of this project was to learn/refresh some new technologies because I am currently working with some old ones (ColdFusion and AngularJS).

So, some time ago I used and for me, that app is beautiful and I love it. "I can do something similar", I said.


  • I worked between 45 and 50 days (in my free time).
  • The resume is generated using something similar to but with a few updates.
  • The UI is like a copy (poor quality) of the
  • Before starting the project, I watched some videos on YouTube to identify the best way to structure the code in the API (node.js) and also, I did a 5 hours duration free course to learn the basics about react.js.

Alt Text
There is nothing strange here, a basic node.js project.

The API receives a json with the resume's data and it is processed with some services generating an HTML file (Handlebars) and then, generating a PDF (Puppeteer and Chrome).

I tried to create most of the components and my idea is to create a repo with them and share it.

AWS - I am currently studying to get the AWS Practitioner Certification and the best way to learn something is using it.

The landing page and the UI are in S3 buckets with a CloudFront. I am using CloudFront because I wanted to implement an SSL certificate.
Domain and sub-domains with Route 53.
The API runs with PM2 in an EC2 instance (Linux) with a Load Balancer (to use SSL).

The database is hosted on MongoDB Atlas.

And that is all at this moment, I will continue working to improve the application and learning new things.

I made my resume with the app:

Thanks for reading this article!

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maneamarius profile image

Hey Maximiliano, I like your idea of creating a resume website.
I've been thinking of same thing for some time now :)
Do you have a github repo for this work, that you're willing to share?
I'm interested mostly in the AWS piece. I'd like to 'Terraform' that part :)

all the best,

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Maximiliano Schvindt

Hi, I will create some GitHub repositories to share part of the app. The part of the AWS, I am updating manually.