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Why if there is a bug in production, everyone asks QA "Why can't you find this bug"

Dear folks, I've been being a QA engineer for over 6 years now.

In almost every company, when there is a bug happened, every responsibility is put on QA. I feel like QA is working for developers, project managers, and PO. Not for the company.

Is it a common thing, or it's just happened in my country?

From my point of view, and always is, QA can't guarantee the product works fine even for the simple bug.

If there is a bug happened, it's everyone's responsibility.

We as QA can only make sure to prevent them, to catch them early (Well, if we are put in development team early, sometimes after they develop all the features they send to us :( ).

What's your thoughts? Are you feeling the same? Does QA need more respect from others?

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Raulis Masiukas

It's the easiest way to relieve yourself of the responsibilities that come with introducing new bugs in a system.
If you've got QA engineers - you assume that bugs won't get through to production and, in turn, you've got a clean "internal track record" if you're going for a raise or a promotion. You can always point the finger at QA and say "I did my job, they didn't do theirs".
Unfortunately, some people prioritise individual achievements rather than working together towards a common goal.

cuongld2 profile image

Yes thats might be the reason too. Never thought of it before :(

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Sarmad Nawaz

While the scenario you shared is an unhealthy practice in some organizations. Truth to be told that for successful delivery - Quality Is Everyone's Responsibility. Team needs to stick together and ensure that any defect found should have proper root cause analysis that will help in prevention for future.

However as QA, we need to review our test plans, automation scripts and regression plans to understand how a respective scenario/issue was caught later in Production and not in earlier iterations.

Also team should establish strong coordination to ensure the impact analysis for any changes made (new code enhancements/bug fixes) are discussed with team. This will be helpful in understanding change impact and coming up with robust regression plans accordingly.

cuongld2 profile image

Yeah totally agree.
Thanks for your comment.

agungyuliaji profile image
Agung Yuliaji

Im curious what is your answer for that question?

Actually i always ask that question to QA :p (but not for blaming responsibility)

BUG appears == it means we (i as developer, QA, PM) have to improve our development, test flow and strategy before launch to production.

And based on QA answer of that we can get the point what's parts need to improve

cuongld2 profile image

Yeah I think the team should stick together and find out what is the problem and how we can improve. Personally I'm not the one who will judge anyone doing the wrong thing. Just try to improve the work and grow as a team :-x