5 things in web development I learned this year

Cyd on December 27, 2019

This year has been weird but good, after suddenly becoming the most experienced frontend developer at the company I work at, Matise, I really had t... [Read Full]
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I was happy to notice that line-clamp is supported across most browsers (~95%) using the prefixed version ➡️ caniuse.com/#feat=css-line-clamp

This is huge since designers seemingly always want to do this and I had to tell them this is not possible.


Thanks for doing the research✌️! It’s not bad indeed, but still rather an enhancement than a promise I think


Nice article!

This was my first year of web development. I learned a lot of WP template tags, a teensy bit of PHP, many fundamentals of JS and SCSS while also digging deep into Bootstrap documentation.

In the last quarter, I took a break from Bootstrap so I could dive into Flexbox and Grid. I'm finally feeling pretty comfortable with them! I got to this point by playing and completing every CSS game I could find (6 in case you were wondering).


You mean grid garden and stuff right? I loovvve those, I insist my interns play them in the first few weeks!


Yeah! Those are so great. These are the games I've discovered/completed so far.

  1. CSS Selector (free) flukeout.github.io/
  2. Flexbox Defense (free) flexboxdefense.com/
  3. Flexbox Froggy (free) flexboxfroggy.com/
  4. Grid Garden (free) cssgridgarden.com/
  5. Flexbox Zombies (free) mastery.games/p/flexbox-zombies
  6. Grid Critters ($129) gridcritters.com/

mix-blend-mode - no support on Edge so far, so kind of useless for now :(
line-clamp, text-stroke - nice feature - I didn't know about it - Edge compatible - thanks!
clip-paths - this animation idea looks great but unfortunately there's again problem with Edge support :(


If you look at it as enhancements in stead of features an entire world of not edge supported coolness opens up ;)


Sure, but then the client writes - it's not working do something! :)

Enhancements are not features so you shouldn't use it on stuff that diminish the functionality of your website, that's the magic of enhancements ✨

Enhancements vs features...It’s wonderful you’ve found clients that make the distinction.


thank you so much for this GREAT article and sharing all this super interesting knowledge !!! CSS power! 👍🏾 i'm a newbie aspiring frontend dev (2020!🤩) started my 100 days of code 2 weeks ago and learning to rewrite all my css with sass at the moment.
and thanks to you i just learned 5 amazing tips!! ❤️👍🏾 love your joyful energy while sharing your valuable experience ! 😉 thank you very much and happy New year in advance to you too!


Great Article. I have also learnt the css but I don't know about css tricks which you have mentioned. I learned a lot from your article. I am second year undergraduate student of Software engineering. I have learnt html, css, JavaScript, bootstrap, php just basic, nodejs, expressjs,mongodb, python,rust lang. Currently i am learning numpy and pandas. After this my aim is to learn react js and flutter. I am reading articles of developers such as you to know about latest technologies.

Again thanks for sharing such useful stuff.


I am stealing everything here. Brilliant. The only one I use regularly are filters.

With our shop finally moving past IE, I am also going dive into variables. Thanks for the reminder!


I’m so happy for you that you no longer need to support ie! I wrote another article about variables a while back, maybe you’d like to check that out!


I've learned Restful web services, little mongo db, Spring boot, spring, Java 8 salient features recently introduced, Hibernate - ORM some new functionalities available, little Docker..


Thank you for your article. I have found lots of tricky and useful things here. This year was very unusual for me. I relised that 4 years in the humanitarian university was a big mistake, because I have lost all my skills as a developer. Anyway, I have improved my English (my mother tongue is Russian) and articles like yours are big reading plesure for me now.


Cool that you’re getting back to it. I recommend subscribing to some newsletters, like css weekly, it’s how I read about most new things.
Good luck!


I didn't thought it was possible to animate using CSS only. Great examples.


Thanks for the informative things. Also, the animations are pretty nice.


Simple and elegant, I like the way the code was written, I learnt lot of tricks from your code. Thanks for the nice article.


Just about everything in this post is new information for me - thank you for sharing it!


Wow! I learnt a lot from these. Your codes are clean and top notch. Thanks for writing this.


Awesome article thanks a lot, like the idea about this being enhancement based and not feature based!


ooh yes, I learned how to use clip-path too, it's really cool and I loved it. thanks doe for sharing things you have learned


Hola saludos desde México. Este año enfocado en PHP/HTML/CSS Y JS. gracias por compartir y felices fiestas.


Thanks for the article! Haven't seen line-clamp before so thanks for the little css knowledge upgrade:)

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