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Cyril Niobé
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What is your secret weakness as a developer?

Everyone has an untold weakness, what's yours?

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Carlos Jimenez • Edited

I can easily get side tracked when trying to investigate an issue or a bug. It is very hard for me to leave a stone unturned which sometimes takes me down paths that are no longer related to the issue. I am a very curious individual -_-.

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Memorizing syntax of widely varying languages. Where does that semicolon go? Parentheses or not? The concepts are memorable and similar between languages. Why do we need different syntax every bleeping time.

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My brain has never been ideal for it, I'm good at design and architecture, but coding is my weakness, is really easy for me to get the big picture, plan ahead, even foresee future problems; that doesn't help sometimes, when I'm writing code I can't help but getting distracted by the future interactions, and how could I adapt the code I'm writing to an endless set of possibilities; also how should future features interact with what I'm writing and how would I adapt the code to possible changes, ...

That, if not checked can lead to me coding in many places at once leaving me juggling with a bunch of mocked code for longer than I would like.

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Brandin Chiu

Not being able to always "show my work", or rather work backwards from a solution.

I was recently working with a friend of mine who just started learning databases, and he was learning about databases.

However, for the life of me, I could not work out the steps for normalizing a database (first normal form, third normal form, etc). I could get him the normalized database, but I could not follow the formal steps to get there.

It was bizarre.

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Devang Hingu

once intime i deleted my linux-OS🔥 and installed new one 😎😎😎

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Malcolm R. Kente

Not writing enough test cases for my code. I usually get satisfied by creating a bare minimum suite, then almost always find out about a scenario I forgot to test for

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Once listend to bossman and assigned some "team leads" to admin groups.
They fucked up vm and db server on the same day and I had to come on non workday in basement serverroom to fix it.