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What is your top interesting cron job for your daily life? 🤯

cyril profile image Cyril Niobé ・1 min read

As developers, we are lucky to be able to use our own skills and knowledge to improve our life.

And I recently dug into about cron jobs and how impactful and time saving they can be in our daily life.

🧐 I'm curious on which ones you used daily (in a personal or professional way it does not matter!)

💪 Share us your best ones to give us some ideas to build around.
Any public repo are welcome!

🤩 I would love to find somewhere a curated list of best cron jobs ideas to setup during spare time! (might start a collaborative repo on this topic?)

Personally, I'm starting by setting up a cron job to backup every day my computer files into my NAS.

Do you have any favorite cron jobs that you are frequently using?

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jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel Fayard 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇸🇨🇴

A good one is to send to yourself a reminder to stop working at a given hour

mike_hasarms profile image
Mike Healy

I have a randomized one to tell me to eat less sugar. Sometimes I get the email as I'm arriving at the supermarket :)

cyril profile image
Cyril Niobé Author

Nice one ahah.

wesweswesweswes profile image
Wes Martin

I have one that runs a node script on a Pi just after midnight every night to (1) obtain the sunrise and sunset times for the day, and (2) set a schedule for my Philips Hue lights based on those values!

jankislinger profile image
Jan Kislinger

'docker system prune -f' every 5 minutes

graemeq profile image
Graeme Q

For me, I have one that restarts a node instance. We have to use Oracle and the drivers have a memory leak. This in turn means, on our Dev and UAT machines, they start to hang within 2 hours. It used to be I manually restarted them.

I now just have a cron job that restarts the servers regardless on the hour, every hour. That in itself opens other issues but at least I don't need to be present 24/7.

Oh, and if you're wondering, Oracle Support is terrible.

deepspace2 profile image
Adi Vaknin • Edited

I wrote myself a telegram bot that scrapes the website of my favorite football team to get the matches schedule, then it sends them to me as a message then adds them to google calendar

cyril profile image
Cyril Niobé Author

Excellent! 🤟 I made exactly the same for my amateur handball club to scrape their results!

skryking profile image
Jason Ormes

I have one that scrapes lottery numbers off a website and emails them to me because I'm to lazy to open a web browser and go look at them.

cyril profile image
Cyril Niobé Author

And did you win since then? 😁

skryking profile image
Jason Ormes

Alas no, I still have to go to work tomorrow.

michaelcurrin profile image

Ah, interesting question. I'm enjoying the other responses. I want to share 3 of my cron-related projects. I'm interested in scraping data from certain news and property sites to understand the water crisis in my city. I've done that for over a year.

twitterverse I download Twitter API data daily using a tool I wrote. I run it to fetch trend data from countries and cities. And also to get tweets for a couple of search queries of interest to me and friends.

uni-cron Unfortunately, crontab alone can't run them reliably on a laptop which is not always on and online. And running all jobs hourly (when they only need to run once a day) is overkill for resources, but that's what I've been today. But, as of yesterday, I have a tool what integrates with crontab that will run your tasks exactly once a day and will keep retrying them throughout the day if they fail. Keen to hear thoughts on this! Or to find if there is a solution for Mac out there already.

neudabei profile image

I use a daily cronjob to pull all my bookmarks from pinboard and export them to CSV. That way I have a backup of my data and I can grep through it together with other notes.

miroslavglamuzina profile image
Miroslav Glamuzina • Edited

I got one to open and close my blinds (RPI); once in the morning and once at night.

ledestin profile image
Dmitry Maksyoma

My cron jobs mail me stuff:

  • a link to a file in Downloads folder to review. I don't fancy reviewing lots of files at once.
  • a random recipe. It's a actually a link to a site that yields a random recipe. So, it's just a reminder.
  • once a week, I get a list of random foods, so that I can consider incorporating them into my diet.
layflags profile image
Lay Flags

I use to keep my bitcoin tweet stream alive:

ann profile image

Give webcron a try, it’s free and does just that and more.

alexabruck profile image
Alexa Steinbrück

I use a cron job to check the discount on a piece of furniture! Just wrote a blog post about it too: