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Chris Bongers
Chris Bongers

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I received a letter from myself

And to be precise, from my past self.

I wrote this letter precisely a year ago, as a gift to myself.
And boy, oh boy, it defiantly put a smile on my face.

Receiving a letter from myself

There were some things I could not have envisioned and some things I was absolutely right about.

Reflection time

Let's go through this together, shall we?

... reading my letter ...

It's funny. I start with wanting to spend more time in nature, and I hope my past self is glad to hear we actually did spend a lot more time in nature and offline.

The big thing about the time when writing this letter was the travel bans, and one year later, we still have a lot of travel bans in place.

But needless to say, I'm writing this today from a tropical island, on which ironically enough, we got stuck πŸ˜‚.

My wedding was the most beautiful day. It was exactly as I would have envisioned it, heck, even better.
I did not only take 3 days off but a whole 10 days, and it was worth it.

I am happy to inform you that besides those 10 days, I did not miss a day in blogging.

I'm super happy that I wrote this letter to myself. It was super fun to read my predictions and reflect on the past year.

Keeping the tradition in honor

That being said, let's write a letter to Chris from the future, to be precise, 2023, Chris.

Hey Chris,

This is you, but the one a year younger.
You might even remember us reading a letter, deciding to write one, and re-reading this one now.

Another crazy year has gone by. Traveling is still a pain, but hopefully, you and your beautiful wife have finally been able to visit Europe and your family.

I know everyone was eagerly waiting to finally host you in The Netherlands.

And perhaps you even found the perfect place to stay for a longer period.

As for work, the job is still treating you well. I see you've grown so much in a year though, impressive to see where you are now and how confident you are about it.

I'm also delighted to see you've really been keeping up the exercise and outdoor adventures.
It must really mean we love the outdoors, right.

Let's take about the blog for a second. This is like your baby at this point. It's been almost 3 years since you started it, and you did a full unbroken year of blogging.

Most people would say that that's nuts but just look at the number of people you have inspired, helped, and guided in those 3 years.

Definitely worth it!
Keep doing what you love.

I hope this letter put yet another smile on your face, and you will keep this tradition in honor.


Chris πŸ’–

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grahamthedev profile image
GrahamTheDev • Edited

Your positive outlook and attitude really made me smile!

My letters to myself would start β€œdear idiot” and go down hill from there 😜🀣

Do you journal as it looks like you would enjoy that?

p.s. "old you" in that picture is still a handsome chap! 😁

dailydevtips1 profile image
Chris Bongers

Haha, who knows it might make you laugh in a years time 😏

Nah, tried the journalling for a bit, but the blog is working better as a habit tracker.